Vlaams Friethuis ''Vleminckx since 1957"
Vleminckx there are no better Fries
AD Friettest

    Homemade fries, best of Amsterdam.

    Vleminckx the Sausmeester (sauce master) is located in Amsterdam since 1957. Vleminckx sells Belgium fries and is specialized in 25 types of sauces. For over 55 years the Sauce master stands for quality, sells home-made fries and that nowadays is unique. Many locals and tourist visit this spot in the city centre of Amsterdam. We are known for the many different sauces which can be chosen at the paper cornet Belgium fries. Last year we were second best in the contest ‘Best snack corner of Holland’ tested by the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. In the end we were tested second best because the jury thought there was too much salt on the fries.